A floor light is a freestanding lighting fixture designed to provide illumination in a room while sitting on the floor. Floor lights are versatile and come in various styles, shapes, and sizes to complement different interior design themes and serve various lighting needs. They are a popular choice for both ambient and task lighting and can add an aesthetic element to a room’s decor.

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Floor lamp Winston

5,500.00 EGP
This Winston floor lamp, also called 'cubic tower', is a rectangular model with 4 square open caps. The caps are rotatable, so they can be placed in a different playful position. The lamp is made of metal with an old silver finish. The metal base of the Winston makes sure it is as solid as it looks. The Winston is a very modern but industrial looking floor lamp. It can be used in any interior and any room but also in your office it would certainly find it's place. Or place it in your bedroom for an extra romantic ambience. It's sleek design makes this a very beautiful easy on the eye floor lamp. Width: 34 centimeter Depth: 24 centimeter Height: 160 centimeter Weight: 11 kilograms Operation: Switch on cord Type light source: E27 Light bulbs not included, We recommend the LED light bulb Drop

Floor stand light مصباح ارضي

6,000.00 EGP
يتناسب المصباح الأرضي الخشبي الجميل تمامًا مع أي تصميم داخلي.
توفر القضبان الخشبية توزيعًا للضوء الجوي وتجعل من هذا المصباح ملفتًا للنظر.
العرض: 40 سم
العمق: 40 سم
الارتفاع: 123 سم
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