A swing chair is a suspended seat that moves back and forth, providing a relaxing and playful experience. It’s often used in outdoor settings like gardens, patios, or porches.

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Double classic

7,500.00 EGP
مرجيحة دبل كلاسيك  2 فرد مصنوع من الرتان البيور ومدعم بمخدات وتربروف

Double extra

7,800.00 EGP
مرجيحه دبل اكسترا 2 فرد مصنوعه من الرتان البيور ومدعمه بمخدات وتربروف

foot rest swing chair

5,550.00 EGP
foot rest swing chair , made of synthetic rattan and steel frame and UV resistant fabric material , made with high quality finishing and will be an addition to your outdoor area

Rocking chair La forma

5,850.00 EGP
Modern Swing rocking chair High Quality Ratan and UV resistant fabric   كرسي هزاز من الرتان العالي الجودة والمعدن مدعم

swing chair Bird Nest

5,150.00 EGP
مرجيحه سنجل امويل عالي الجوده مدعم بمخدات وتربروف

three seater swing chair

14,850.00 EGP
Outdoor three seater swing chair made of steel and synthetic rattan made of high quality material and UV resistant wicker and water proof cushion fabric